New Moon Letter – Total Solar Eclipse

» July’s New Moon on 7/2 in Cancer «

When thinking about the moon, her cycles and how we connect, I used to feel skeptical. Can we really be that connected to something that’s so far away? Isn’t this astrology stuff just a bunch of hippie nonsense? But over the years I’ve become more in tune with who I am and in turn that has brought me curiosity about the moon cycles. I’ve used it to bring more mindfulness and light into my life. Recently I’ve been harnessing the moons cycles as a way to practice reflection and gratitude. My hopes is that in sharing these new moon letters you will find some reflection of your own so you too can grow and evolve. Our connection with the moon is infinite. Our precious lives wax and wane just like she does. Use the presence of the moon to mirror your own life in order to reflect what is true about you. This new moon is quite special; it’s a total eclipse (although only Africa will get to see it.) This reflection of the sun on the moon reminds us to reflect and look inward. Here are a few things to marinate on today.

This solar eclipse is a reminder of how the mind and the spirit mirror each other. A time when we are merging spirit with mind and mind with spirit ~ the practical and the mysterious beyond becoming one living, breathing human being. How do we navigate this world listening to our spirit while also being practical about the world around us?  All parts that make us up, so complicated and multidimensional, are surfacing and no longer live as shadows but are aspects of our chosen reality. This is a great time to look at how we frame our life, how we react to those around us, and how we spend our more precious time. We are all still learning to hold our own. To hold ourselves accountable for our actions and to be more unapologetically ourselves. We tend to care way too much, about what others think of us ~ of how they may be judging us from all angles. But really, this overwhelming worry is a mirrored reflection of how we’re judging ourselves, not stepping forward in full worth and truth. Our undying strength blossoms out of the caring center between spirit and mind ~ a merging of all our aspects which births and radiates a presence, a steadiness, a truthfulness beyond story, beyond judgment. 

What is true about yourself? What lies are you telling yourself about who you are or what you think others perceive you as?  Know that your thoughts shape your reality. What you think becomes true if you let it. Mind and spirit work together to make a sense of truth for your own. Use that power to shift and own a new perspective.

» Questions to ask yourself «

What sensations and emotions are emerging for me right now?

What habitual emotional patterns am I recognizing in myself? And how are they affecting me?

How can I take more responsibility for these patterns to change them?

What makes my heart feel open and full? What practices help me not to close off?

Where can I give my care and compassion to most right now?



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