Full Moon Letter ~ Capricorn Lunar Eclipse

» July’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on 7/16 in Capricorn «

Surrender is the natural release of grasping or resistance that arises when we have a full, tender, embodied presence. It’s this willingness to be with and say yes to what’s here — that releases the “controller”. It’s saying yes to what’s right here. It’s a leaning in. Letting go and letting be. —Tara Brach

Summer is in full swing and the full moon is rising hot here in Austin. It’s another lunar eclipse, but this time it’s a full moon and this mean energy…and lots of it. During the new moon we looked inward at the way we viewed ourself and challenged beliefs that made us feel less than or negative about our lives. Full moons are times of illumination and this full moon is a great opportunity to illuminate the changes we made in our thought patterns. It’s a time to reap the benefits from the practice of perspective shift. The new moon was a time of nurturance and this full moon is a time for forward motion. We have prepared our minds to push forward in our lives and we are now able to make headway in our goals or purpose as the limiting beliefs that have held us back are now released.

This moon is a time to trust in the flow of life. We are creatures of constant change who become stagnant if we do not continue to be open to learning and evolving with life. Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. It’s important to look at the big picture of your life. Your goals, your mission or simply your purpose. However, as humans we can become attached to this idea we play out in our minds about what our “perfect” life should look like. And If life isn’t going exactly to plan we can become anxious. How do we move forward or take a change of direction in life while also simply just letting it be? It’s not as simple to just flip the coin of manifestation on its head from the side of control to the side of surrender. There’s no fault in dreaming big but when we hold on so tightly to these dreams do they stifle to joy in the process? How can we loosen our grip to this “perfect” story in order to show up aware and be ready for what seeks us? We need to care less about how it all unfolds, and rather, care far more about it all coming through as Spirit wills it. May you take time during this full moon to reflect on how we have the power to dream specifics into being, as well as the power to keep an attentive flow in the great mystery of life. We are the vessel. We are the witness.

On this full moon eclipse let us remember that we are more than our story…but may we also show up to that story with gratitude and appreciation. ~Que Sera, Sera~

» Questions to ask yourself «

What unsupportive thoughts about myself have I changed? Has that provided me peace?

What does “manifestation” mean to me? And what does it feel like?

What does “surrender” mean to me? And what does it feel like?

In what ways am I not currently knowing myself and seeing my worth?

How can I invite peace into my story?



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