» New Moon on 8/18-19 in Leo «


It’s been months since I’ve sat down to write a moon letter. More by accident than purpose. I slowly disengaged myself from the moon and I found myself out of flow and into fight. My energy had shifted and I could feel disconnection with myself and the world around me. However, I know that I’m not alone in the struggle and that many people have had a tough year.  2020 in general has had heavy energy but I feel that this new moon in Leo is a positive energy that will help us get back some mojo we’ve lost. Leo is all about showing up as your true self, finding your inner child and putting more play in your life. We’ve been experiencing a very tough time the past few lunar cycles with unrest, change and growth but this new moon invites you to embrace the struggle and also start thinking about how we can bring more happiness into our lives. Summer is typically a time of play. We get out and travel and enjoy the heat. This year is a little different as we are practicing social distancing however, this is still a great time to get out and embrace play in a way we never have before. We’re having to redefine happiness because life is radically different. We’re living a completely different experience so we are forced to redefine what makes us happy. This is a good thing! It may be hard because we tend to think about the past and what made us happy then but now that we’ve grown and changed it’s time for us to find new loves and passions. We are in a new chapter in life and we’re bringing back a new light. I’d like to interpret this as a light at the end of the tunnel. Take some time this new moon to reconnect with that part of you that remembers what it’s like to be child and let go of the heaviness that is our current world. Even if there is a lingering feeling of doubt or uncertainty, It’s time to embrace more happiness in our lives.

» Some questions to ask yourself «

What makes me happy in this new age?

As beings that are ever-evolving and designed to change how can I let go of past beliefs that no longer serve myself in this new world?

How will I burn brighter during these darker days?

What are my favorite ways to honor myself? What practices bring about great love for myself?

What is currently invigorating me? What do I feel inspired by?

What expectations are not serving me that I would like to release?

» Ritual Practice «

A wonderful way to manifest empowerment and happiness within us is to state it, write it or make is physically known to the world. Here is a sweet way to embody this.

Gather some art supplies (paper, markers, pens, paint ect.) as well as any inspiring elements that you have (flowers, leaves, oils ect.)

In the center of a piece of paper, writing out an inspiring mantra that encourages self-empowerment and happiness. Decorate it with pens, paint or flowers. Whatever you heart desires. Put this mantra somewhere you can see it during this moon cycle.

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Harvest Moon Letter ~ Pisces

» This September’s Full Moon on 9/13-14 is in Pisces « 

A beautiful harvest moon is upon us and it’s an extremely powerful full moon at that. This moon reminds us how to enjoy change. A season shift is near so we may start to feel a bit of a shift in our emotions. Sometimes this feeling of emotional movement can be a bit uncomfortable however, it’s not a time to resist change but to honor it and move with it. Because Jupiter is involved here we tend to pull towards the extreme. Energy becomes magnified and we feel sensations of moving forward, taking action, and being proactive. This type of energy makes us feel like we have to accomplish something, or take initiative somewhere. This can show up in any area of your life. Your work, relationships, creative side or personal habits. The yin to the yang here is still tapping into your being-ness and not just action, action, action. We have to remember that even in the times of forward movement, we need to take time and space to be where we are in this exact moment. It’s a balance that is not easily remembered or practiced when you have momentum but it’s important to remain present as this is how we tap into our highest potential.

Jupiter is putting a magnifying glass on things and you might find yourself oscillating between two different extremes. Maybe you’ve found yourself in a dream world; thinking about future travel or having a companion. It’s important to keep these beautiful images in our minds but when you lean too far to one extreme you become unbalanced. It’s important to dream but just as important to be grateful for what’s around you in the present moment. This energy was very apparent to me on this past Tuesday. I spent most of the day dreaming about traveling somewhere beautiful. I’m the type of person that gets restless when in one place for too long and I spend many moments looking out the window in a daydream. I found that my day dreaming was turning my day around and not in a positive way. I was becoming restless and annoyed. I decided to calm imagination and go for a run. I focused on what was around me. The smells, the sound in my headphones, and the greenery. When I came home I had a sense of peace that I didn’t have before. Peace in the present.

This full moon practice focus but also taking one step at a time. Many aspects of life are calling for our attention to come into a balanced, discerning, and refined energy. Fluidity and adaptability are key. This is a good time to be assessing where we feel out of balance, and where we could use more discernment. Hold extra Attention on anxieties that are arising ~ any sensations of restlessness, irritation, disproportion.

Full Moons infuse us with added vitality and fertility. Keep the energy moving by moving…get outside to keep your blood pumping, limbs working, and thoughts calming. Use this as an opportunity to connect sweetly with your local environment ~ this is our great Harvest Moon, after all! A time to honor the abundance of Mother Earth by recognizing the time and energy expended over the last months to produce our food. A time to celebrate and give thanks for the delicious blessings which She gives so generously and so freely. The simpler, the better. Fruit from the tree, roots from the ground, herbs from the bush. All good medicine, ripening for our healing and living.

» Questions to ask yourself «

What creative pursuits or projects do I feel most drawn to at this time?

Is there a grander vision or project I and currently holding?

If so, what is one step I can take today to manifest it? What is one step I can take tomorrow?

How can I find peace within my current space and time?

In what ways can I become more aware of where my food comes from?

What seasonal whole foods do I feel most drawn to at this time?



Artwork by Brock Lefferts

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Full Moon Letter ~ Aquarius

» This Full Moon on 8/15 is in Aquarius «

This has been a pretty special lunar season for me. It’s Leo season, and I just celebrated my 27th trip around the sun. This full moon is also in my moon sign, Aquarius, so it’s been an exciting time for me. With this full moon we will explore how Leo and Aquarius integrate and how we can learn from this conjunction of signs. Full moons are generally a time of illumination but they also tend to bring out the emotional, instinctual—you might even say, irrational—side of our nature. Although Aquarius can be quite intuitive in its own way, it tends to favor the head rather than the heart. As a result, even full moons in this fixed air sign can have an emotionally detached kind of vibe.

So what does this mean for you and me?

Last full moon we looked at Leos and how they can be very charismatic, outgoing, and loyal people and this full moon we will look at Aquarius, which tends to focus on the community. The summer generally brings friends and community into our lives. Now that summer is dying down its a good time to look at theses friendships and the community around you and reevaluate how they are serving you. Maybe you’re having a difficult time with a friend or a coworker or you’re having trouble feeling accepted by the people around you. How can we be more charismatic towards them? Is this my time to be more outgoing? This is a great time to look at the community that you have built around and and take time to really appreciate it. Let’s also look at how there may be some struggle between Leo and Aquarius. Leos on the negative side tend to be overbearing. If you have a relationship that could be exhausting you, how you can reframe the situation to mend and move forward in your friendship? We’re ever changing beings and our relationship with our community around us waxes and wanes. It’s time to cut our losses and move forward with those who provide a supportive community.

Community is a blessing

» Questions to ask yourself «

Do I feel supported and understood by the community around me?

Who or what is inspiring me most right now?

Are we happy with our conflict resolutions?

How can I speak out in my community and be different? 


xoxo Amanda

Artwork by Brock Lefferts

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Full Moon Letter ~ Capricorn Lunar Eclipse

» July’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on 7/16 in Capricorn «

Surrender is the natural release of grasping or resistance that arises when we have a full, tender, embodied presence. It’s this willingness to be with and say yes to what’s here — that releases the “controller”. It’s saying yes to what’s right here. It’s a leaning in. Letting go and letting be. —Tara Brach

Summer is in full swing and the full moon is rising hot here in Austin. It’s another lunar eclipse, but this time it’s a full moon and this mean energy…and lots of it. During the new moon we looked inward at the way we viewed ourself and challenged beliefs that made us feel less than or negative about our lives. Full moons are times of illumination and this full moon is a great opportunity to illuminate the changes we made in our thought patterns. It’s a time to reap the benefits from the practice of perspective shift. The new moon was a time of nurturance and this full moon is a time for forward motion. We have prepared our minds to push forward in our lives and we are now able to make headway in our goals or purpose as the limiting beliefs that have held us back are now released.

This moon is a time to trust in the flow of life. We are creatures of constant change who become stagnant if we do not continue to be open to learning and evolving with life. Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. It’s important to look at the big picture of your life. Your goals, your mission or simply your purpose. However, as humans we can become attached to this idea we play out in our minds about what our “perfect” life should look like. And If life isn’t going exactly to plan we can become anxious. How do we move forward or take a change of direction in life while also simply just letting it be? It’s not as simple to just flip the coin of manifestation on its head from the side of control to the side of surrender. There’s no fault in dreaming big but when we hold on so tightly to these dreams do they stifle to joy in the process? How can we loosen our grip to this “perfect” story in order to show up aware and be ready for what seeks us? We need to care less about how it all unfolds, and rather, care far more about it all coming through as Spirit wills it. May you take time during this full moon to reflect on how we have the power to dream specifics into being, as well as the power to keep an attentive flow in the great mystery of life. We are the vessel. We are the witness.

On this full moon eclipse let us remember that we are more than our story…but may we also show up to that story with gratitude and appreciation. ~Que Sera, Sera~

» Questions to ask yourself «

What unsupportive thoughts about myself have I changed? Has that provided me peace?

What does “manifestation” mean to me? And what does it feel like?

What does “surrender” mean to me? And what does it feel like?

In what ways am I not currently knowing myself and seeing my worth?

How can I invite peace into my story?



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New Moon Letter – Total Solar Eclipse

» July’s New Moon on 7/2 in Cancer «

When thinking about the moon, her cycles and how we connect, I used to feel skeptical. Can we really be that connected to something that’s so far away? Isn’t this astrology stuff just a bunch of hippie nonsense? But over the years I’ve become more in tune with who I am and in turn that has brought me curiosity about the moon cycles. I’ve used it to bring more mindfulness and light into my life. Recently I’ve been harnessing the moons cycles as a way to practice reflection and gratitude. My hopes is that in sharing these new moon letters you will find some reflection of your own so you too can grow and evolve. Our connection with the moon is infinite. Our precious lives wax and wane just like she does. Use the presence of the moon to mirror your own life in order to reflect what is true about you. This new moon is quite special; it’s a total eclipse (although only Africa will get to see it.) This reflection of the sun on the moon reminds us to reflect and look inward. Here are a few things to marinate on today.

This solar eclipse is a reminder of how the mind and the spirit mirror each other. A time when we are merging spirit with mind and mind with spirit ~ the practical and the mysterious beyond becoming one living, breathing human being. How do we navigate this world listening to our spirit while also being practical about the world around us?  All parts that make us up, so complicated and multidimensional, are surfacing and no longer live as shadows but are aspects of our chosen reality. This is a great time to look at how we frame our life, how we react to those around us, and how we spend our more precious time. We are all still learning to hold our own. To hold ourselves accountable for our actions and to be more unapologetically ourselves. We tend to care way too much, about what others think of us ~ of how they may be judging us from all angles. But really, this overwhelming worry is a mirrored reflection of how we’re judging ourselves, not stepping forward in full worth and truth. Our undying strength blossoms out of the caring center between spirit and mind ~ a merging of all our aspects which births and radiates a presence, a steadiness, a truthfulness beyond story, beyond judgment. 

What is true about yourself? What lies are you telling yourself about who you are or what you think others perceive you as?  Know that your thoughts shape your reality. What you think becomes true if you let it. Mind and spirit work together to make a sense of truth for your own. Use that power to shift and own a new perspective.

» Questions to ask yourself «

What sensations and emotions are emerging for me right now?

What habitual emotional patterns am I recognizing in myself? And how are they affecting me?

How can I take more responsibility for these patterns to change them?

What makes my heart feel open and full? What practices help me not to close off?

Where can I give my care and compassion to most right now?



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