“New Normal”

“New Normal” a term I’ve been hearing lately. For the most part my days have stayed the same. Wake up, drink coffee, journal or meditate then exercise and the head to work. Traffic is a little lighter these days going from downstairs to upstairs, but the work is about the same or busier.

What’s really changed is my pace. I don’t rush to get out of bed and if don’t want to do my workout I skip it. I’ve given myself more room to be than I used to. When I think about going back to “normal” I get a bit of anxiety. Will everything just pick back up and I become apart of the wheel that won’t stop turning?

Life will eventually go back to some kind of normalcy. We’ll get back to the office and happy hours with friends will resume. The pace will pick back up. But I’m honestly not ready and I think it’s a sign that my life is slowly shifting from always doing to more being.

I want to keep those quite easy mornings where I actually listen to the birds sing, or have a conversation with my roommates cat about how the tomatoes are growing so fast. It’s the little moments in-between that I want to keep.

How will you adapt to this “new normal?” What will you keep from this time?

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