» New Moon on 8/18-19 in Leo «


It’s been months since I’ve sat down to write a moon letter. More by accident than purpose. I slowly disengaged myself from the moon and I found myself out of flow and into fight. My energy had shifted and I could feel disconnection with myself and the world around me. However, I know that I’m not alone in the struggle and that many people have had a tough year.  2020 in general has had heavy energy but I feel that this new moon in Leo is a positive energy that will help us get back some mojo we’ve lost. Leo is all about showing up as your true self, finding your inner child and putting more play in your life. We’ve been experiencing a very tough time the past few lunar cycles with unrest, change and growth but this new moon invites you to embrace the struggle and also start thinking about how we can bring more happiness into our lives. Summer is typically a time of play. We get out and travel and enjoy the heat. This year is a little different as we are practicing social distancing however, this is still a great time to get out and embrace play in a way we never have before. We’re having to redefine happiness because life is radically different. We’re living a completely different experience so we are forced to redefine what makes us happy. This is a good thing! It may be hard because we tend to think about the past and what made us happy then but now that we’ve grown and changed it’s time for us to find new loves and passions. We are in a new chapter in life and we’re bringing back a new light. I’d like to interpret this as a light at the end of the tunnel. Take some time this new moon to reconnect with that part of you that remembers what it’s like to be child and let go of the heaviness that is our current world. Even if there is a lingering feeling of doubt or uncertainty, It’s time to embrace more happiness in our lives.

» Some questions to ask yourself «

What makes me happy in this new age?

As beings that are ever-evolving and designed to change how can I let go of past beliefs that no longer serve myself in this new world?

How will I burn brighter during these darker days?

What are my favorite ways to honor myself? What practices bring about great love for myself?

What is currently invigorating me? What do I feel inspired by?

What expectations are not serving me that I would like to release?

» Ritual Practice «

A wonderful way to manifest empowerment and happiness within us is to state it, write it or make is physically known to the world. Here is a sweet way to embody this.

Gather some art supplies (paper, markers, pens, paint ect.) as well as any inspiring elements that you have (flowers, leaves, oils ect.)

In the center of a piece of paper, writing out an inspiring mantra that encourages self-empowerment and happiness. Decorate it with pens, paint or flowers. Whatever you heart desires. Put this mantra somewhere you can see it during this moon cycle.

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